our warehouse & products handled

Capitol Cold Storage & Distribution has over 53,000 square feet of dry and frozen warehouse space to meet your every storage need.
53,000 square feet consisting of...
♦ 22,000 square feet of racked freezer storage
♦ 18,000 square feet of freezer storage for stackable goods
♦ 13,000 square feet of food-grade dry storage
All backed by over 30 years of transportation management experience

Our warehouse is fully equipped with...
♦ Sprinkler Systems (Wet & Dry)
♦ Automatic Fire Alarms
♦ Computerized Ammonia Refrigeration Unit
♦ Reinforced Concrete Walls

Frozen storage

♦ Packaged Vegetables
♦ Packaged Fruit
♦ Packaged Meats
♦ Drums and Barrels
♦ Ice Cream
♦ Cased Products and Totes
Any Frozen Palletized Product

dry storage

♦ Full and Empty Cans
♦ Bagged Flour
♦ Drums and Barrels
Any Palletized Product Requiring Storage in a Clean or Food-Grade Environment